NYC Lego Star Wars Reveal


Out of all the galaxy we decided to park here…

In celebration of The Yoda Chronicles”, on May 23, 2013 in true New York City fashion, a stunning Times Square reveal of an entirely Lego created life-size X-wing Starfighter was unveiled. Composed of 5,335,200 Lego bricks the starship weighs nearly 46,000 pounds and included a full-scale R2-D2 located in the cockpit (of course). The result ended up being the largest Lego project do date.

Aside from the X-wing Starfighter exhibit being a tourist pit-stop many enthused New Yorkers traveled from across the boroughs to get a glimpse at this ‘kitschy’ play toy showcased in a magnificent manner. The structure is large enough for a child to sit in, and a photo booth is available for those who wish to preserve the memory of their visit. If you’re interested in seeing the X-Starfighter the model will stay in Times Square until Saturday, and after that, you will have to travel to Legoland California Resort, where it will remain until 2014.

The marriage between breathtaking cinema and childhood engineering, although unusual, has proven to be a profitable match made in heaven spanning accross many media circuits. Beginning with some of the worlds most intricate building sets ever-evolving into a majorly successful videogame saga which audiences of all ages can easily play and definitely enjoy. And now, a television series.

“The Yoda Chronicles” is a 3-part animated series featured on Cartoon Network,. “The Yoda Chronicles” will be an animated series styled in now traditional Lego epic style. The first episode “The Phantom Clone” debuts May 29 at 8pm EST. The series will also premiere Jek 14, a clone who has been “enhanced” by the Force. Jek 14 was created by the Lego Group specifically for the series.

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