Big News Everyone!

ImageNo, I don’t just look grand; I feel grand!

For those of you who don’t follow me outside of this lovely blog, I have a special announcement! My first article was published today! If you’re interested, check it out: LiNK

One day I hope to look back and say, “It all started with a blog called Coiled Rose.”

A serious and sincere thank you to my readers, followers, and especially to those who have shared my blog and helped open up avenues that lead to my experience and that helped me land my spot on Gamesoul Online, Another Castle, and now the Examiner. You all rock with socks!

3 thoughts on “Big News Everyone!

      • Thanks! And I’ll boost your ego a little more: I used to get paid to write about gaming so I have sort of high standards when I make compliments there. Intelligent, quality, and fun writing that doesn’t pander is very rare in those circles — it’s almost not worth the effort at times when it’s much easier and less time-consuming to just shoot for the lowest common denominator and get a nice flame war going in the comments to boost views — and you’re doing a bang-up job with taking the high road and doing solid work.

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