Bioshock: Infinite Creating Elizabeth

Take a look at all that went into Elizabeth Comstock. The captivating supporting character from Bioshock: Infinite

Another Castle

Creating Elizabeth: The Women which brought her to life

There is a level of devotion which can only be described as unbelievable which gets put into making beyond industry-standard visuals for today’s video games. Bioshock: Infinite is no exception, particularly in reference to the creation of Elizabeth who is the true centerpiece of the game. She’s like a Disney  princess, only much more bad ass,  truly independent, and sincerely intelligent all while remaining humanly vulnerable and lifelike. This beckons the question; how did Irrational pull it off?

Of course we all know that Ken Levine is the brilliant mind behind the Bioshock titles, however, it takes more than just a good concept to fully realize a character such as Elizabeth; in fact it takes a whole team of talented individuals. When dissecting Elizabeth’s unique character there are four key components to consider; her face, her brain, her body, and of course her voice. Each…

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