Nintendo’s Odd Update


I like most of you who own a Wii have received Nintendo’s latest update on April 29th which seems to be nothing more than an advertisement for the Wii U. The update read much like a letter from a heartbroken ex-boyfriend trying desperately to get me back:

“Wii U is the all-new home console from Nintendo…It’s not just an upgrade–it’s an entirely new system that will change the way you and your family experience games and entertainment.”

I have to admit that it’s odd to see Nintendo struggle to define its latest system. However, I’m glad to see Nintendo making an effort to push better numbers and boundaries. It has been covered to death how Nintendo reported a second year of bad sales numbers in the West. I even covered it in an article for Gamesoul Online. I feel deeply for Nintendo, and I wait at the edge of my seat to see them pull their way out of this mess they’re in. Till then all I have is this lonely blog and a prayer….

2 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Odd Update

  1. Next update:

    “I’m… sorry! I can change! I CAN! I… would do anything for you! PLEASE don’t leave meeeeeeee…”

    Poor rejected Wii-U. Maybe they should save the marketing spiel till they actually release some killer games for the system?

  2. I admit, I haven’t owned a Nintendo console since SNES. But Nintendo was where I started my gaming adventures, and I would hate to hear that they would have to close their doors, or at the very least go the way of Sega and not do consoles anymore. Hopefully things will pick up for them

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