Is Nintendo Dying, or Just Home Consoles?



Although the death of consoles has been mentioned before– muffled through the walls of the gaming industry– there was always a beacon through the darkest night any gamer could see: the shining tower of Nintendo. With its can’t fail franchises which have captured the target audience’s hearts since the 80’s and before and the sales of enough gameboys to pave the streets of London it seemed that nothing could rip the fabric of Nintendo’s cloth. But still, I find myself now begging the question: Is this really the end for consoles as we know them? My own personal speculations began when China banned home consoles in 2000, and when Michael Patcher went in front of a small room of industry insiders during SXSW and alluded that consoles may die after 2013 slight panic set in. But the last nail in my nightmare’s coffin was hammered down by the second consecutive…

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