Guide to Help You Find Bioshock:Infinite Voxphones

Check out this useful tool for the Eavesdropper Achievement!



While scouring the internet today I found this totally useful tool over at IGN. I did not compose this list, they did. I however found it so cool that I had to repost here so our viewers can enjoy it incase they missed it over there! THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW! So proceed with caution.

This list contains all 80 Voxophone locations in BioShock Infinite. Voxophones are audio recording devices that present you as the player with the meat of the story and back story as narrated by a character or characters. They offer a unique look into the realm and add great depth. I suggest if you’re playing that you take them seriously and enjoy the ride. Collecting every Voxophone lands you the Eavesdropper Achievement / Trophy.

  • Bold centered are the areas to find the audio device.
  • Bold left are the name and number of the Voxphone
  • There are screenshots to give you clues.
  • Directions…

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