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News broke on March 27 from the Gamers Development Conference (GDC) in San Francisco highlighting Sony’s Senior Staff Engineer, Chris Norden’s, overview of the next generation’s enticing controller and new camera features.

The controller has undergone some major renovations since the PS3’s Dual Shock 3 controller and is seemingly much improved along with the progress of technology over the past 7 or so years. The new controller is much larger than its predecessors, more closely in size to the current Xbox 360 controller. A new and unspecified material has been used in place of the old surface material of the current analogue sticks as well. The sticks also have a circular indent making grip easier and promising advanced precision. And speaking of precision the gyro-meter (the rotating mechanism) is also more precise than both the PS3’s controller and to many’s delight, the PS Vita.

The light bar as many may…

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