PS Home Just got Magical


Salutations, you filthy muggles! I’ve got good news!

Pottermore has just announced that it will be teaming up with Sony granting you a new way to experience everyone’s favorite Wizarding World. As of April 2013, Pottermore’s free fan service will be available on Playstation Home.

Together the companies have reconstructed the magical land from the imagination of JK Rowling through …’a selection of beautifully illustrated moments from’ as the Pottermore website describes. First of the levels to be available for play are Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express. Users will be able to create a customized avatar for the first time and link their Pottermore ID’s with their PSN for access to extras.

Taking full advantage of the 3D and social capabilities of the PS3 and PS Home gamers can look forward to sharing the innovative experience with their fellow Potterheads from all over the globe.

Source: Pottermore

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6 thoughts on “PS Home Just got Magical

    • The PS4 is coming out this year, so you have two options. 1. the PS3 will be really cheap after Christmas or 2. get the PS4. 😛 Either way I’m beginning to get hopeful that they Sony systems will focus on games rather than entertainment value with this coming generation.

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