Call of Duty Micro-Transaction Bullshit


Wasting your hard-earned cash… One micro-transaction at a time.

After the back-handed slap of Dead Space 3 adding micro-transactions, the makers of Call of Duty Black Ops II  have announced it will also be implementing micro-transactions for Xbox Live TOMORROW (and eventually for the PSN and PC). Those making the claims promise this won’t affect gameplay, but anyone who has ever been addicted to a shitty Facebook game or iPad app game knows better than to believe that PR bullshit. If you don’t understand what the bitching is all about, allow me to break this down for you in 5 simple statements:

  1. Micro-transaction= Real money in exchange for digital armor, guns, random other DLC that won’t carry over into the next game.
  2. Microsoft Live will still cost you money and the price will continue to rise yearly. (If you don’t pay for Live, good for you move on to 3.)
  3. You will have to pay for subscriptions (Season Pass) in order to get extra levels. Subscriptions cost almost as much as the game itself.
  4. New systems are dropping, systems that could cost you up to and beyond $1,000.xx!
  5. Games are estimated to exceed $70.00 after and maybe even before taxes.

I’m not Einstein, or anybody like him, but even I can see clear-as-day that consumers are being screwed. CoD’s developers are figuring out that we know they’ve been tweaking & repackaging the same game, only to repackage and sell it back to us –just like an iPhone! With games like Far Cry and Boarderlands starting to threaten Call of Duty’s 15 minutes on the top of the charts– it’s becoming increasingly apparent that these greedy bastards will do anything to cash-in without having to think of something better. This is insane, and I’m fuming. I’ll never buy another Call of Duty again if this maps out the way I think it will.

It should be noted that EA made a similarly rash statement recently, claiming that they were planning to implement micro-transactions. After consumer disapproval they revoked the statement. I suggest Call of Duty take a hint and cut the crap as well.

For those of you who are interested in what exactly is being offered in these transactions:

  • Personalization Pack: Each pack as a unique weapon camo, three targeting reticles, custom calling card. $2.00/160 MS Points.
  • Extra Slots Pack: 10 extra Create-a-Class loadout slots, plus room for 20 more emblems, 32 films, and 40 screenshots. $2.00/160 MS Points.
  • Flags of the World Calling Card Pack: National flag themed calling cards. $1.00/80 MS Points.

Pay at your own risk! And remember I warned you. For those of you who didn’t get the Hardened Edition, but  ended up spending a shit-ton on your CoD season pass in order to play Nuketown Zombies…. know that it’s becoming a micro-transaction. If I were you, I’d go and tell Activision that you want a fucking refund instead of letting them royally F you in the A.

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