Marvel SXSW: Free Comix and More

Finally an erection that didn’t involve dead people…

Have you also been waiting patiently to find out exactly what all this Marvel First hubbub is about? Well, wait no longer! Marvel finally spoke-up at SXSW earlier today. Fans of Marvel have been waiting for this since late February after Romero inspired “Marvel of the Dead” teaser worked its way through major gaming and comic book outlets via ComicsPro summit. Marvel of the Dead was soon followed-up with the Marvel First campaign ‘posters’. We didn’t know what to expect. Were they poking fun at DC, were they just leading us on for nothing? But after today’s panel no one should be disappointed.


Never mind, my ‘dead erection’ is back!

First on the agenda is Project Gamma. This is an ambitious project providing audio in aiding or adding to your digital comic book experience. This addition is meant to enhance comic book reading in a way that traditional hard copy comic books have not been able to do. It’s ambitious and may even (hopefully) attract a younger audience which is now-a-days much more consumed with movies and television than it is with words.

Next Marvel premiered Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted. This promising  storyline is placed under the reigns of Jason Aaron ( Thor, Wolverine and the X-Men) amongst other seasoned writers. Due to drop in July, the series will be doled out on a weekly basis through Marvel Infinite and from the looks of it will be exclusively digital.

I found this Marvel statement on the project by way of CBR:

Marvel Comics’ latest innovative Infinite Comic is here! Wolverine stars in a weekly adventure from the mind of super star writer Jason Aaron (WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN, THOR) that pits Wolverine against classic villains and a threat unlike any he has ever faced!

As usual, I’ve saved the most anticipated news for last!  Comixology via ‘Marvel Infinite’ is offering 700 impressive #1 Marvel titles free of charge! No you didn’t read that wrong, no that wasn’t a typo —700 free… until Tuesday. Titles headlining the free roster include The Avengers, New Avengers, Superior Spiderman, Daredevil, New X-men, and many more (as you can imagine). This should encourage those of you who may have been unable to decide where to delegate your comic book funds, or perhaps just haven’t given Marvel a shot, to take them up on a risk free trial! Get on it, because like I’d mentioned before, you have only 2 more days till they go back on sale for full value.

Download your choice of Comixology Comics: here!

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Sources: IGN & Beat

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