Game Price Predictions: “NextBox” and PS4


How much will you pay for “NextBox” Games

Do you feel like new games are too expensive? Well, I sure as hell hope not because according to Wedbush Securities Analyst Michael Pachter, they’re going to cost about 10 dollars more for the next reign of consoles.That brings the next-gen games costs to a  total of 70 USD a game!  Pachter, who is truly a renowned and respected gaming analyst, announced his predictions at South by Southwest (SXSW) yesterday. I’m not going to act totally surprised by the news, generally game prices do increase, but is it really necessary to do so by so much?

No hard numbers have been given, and that’s important to note before we raid the local GameStops with angry mobs and protest. The closest thing to a figure is a vague statement from SCEA’s President and CEO Jack Trenton, “[Sony] will offer games with prices ranging from $0.99 to the more traditional $60 range with the ability for players to sample games before they buy.”

Sony has not been reached for comment as to what exactly 60 dollar range we’re dealing with… yet.

Pachter has made other predictions regarding the future of home console gaming, and bold ones at that! I will definitely get to those topics in a more in depth post.

Source: IGN

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4 thoughts on “Game Price Predictions: “NextBox” and PS4

  1. What is more discouraging is the software that Sony have apparently patented to make playing pre-owned games a thing of the past.
    So no more buying second hand video games or trading with friends.

    • Yes but Sony also announced that they won’t be utilizing that technology for the ps4. It had a serious backlash and companies like Gamestop saw a huge drop in stock value after the news was released for that particular patent purchase. It’s more likely that they’ll focus on online and digital media as to make disks obsolete rather before actually putting that into effect. So don’t be too worried.

  2. My guess is that they’ll paralyze the used PS4 games and you must `unlock` them by paying for it in PSN. Luckily Wii U won’t suffer from these problems and probably gets more support and respect from gamers once all new consoles are out there. I can see also a pricedrop of Wii U once PS4 hits the shelves. 3DS is beating Vita in sales even less powerful, same pattern can be predicted here.

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