The Sega Dreamcast

Dreamcast had one of the most pristine introduction sequences I’ve ever seen for a video game console. Dreamcast was in my opinion a technically advanced system that was ahead of its time, and was ultimately ignored by developers and the market. The games for the system were pirated with ease and henceforth its unprofitably drove away developers. The market was at its end for cartridges so Sega took the plunge and introduced the Dreamcast for about $200.00.In the end it the Dreamcast crashed and burned in a market dominated by the PS2- despite being the most advanced system technologically speaking. I’m not going to over analyze this though, I’m just going to remind us all of why Dreamcast was so incredible with a couple of my favorite  titles… and then let you bask in the awesome glow of your own childhood.

Looking back, at my age I never could have seen it coming– the mega success of the PS2 over the Dreamcast. As a child my parents were separated and when I went to my father’s house he was a Sega man through and through! So the Dreamcast was a must have in  his house. I remember the commercials for Sonic Adventure 2! The first console game where you could choose your side (Hero or Dark). I of course chose evil almost every time despite how much fun that first level with Sonic was, jumping out of a helicopter with only a part of the metal wing in your hand– as only Sonic could ever do– rushing down the hills and grinding on the bars! Back in my skateboarding days that was something I found exhilarating in a video game!

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 11.41.49 PM

Remember these stupid stickers from Hot Topic?

As a 10th Anniversary celebration of Sonic- as a gaming mascot trumped only by Mario- it served its franchise well. It was successful both commercially and critically, and if you’ve ever played it that should be no surprise. On top of parallel story modes there were action modes, two player modes, and Choa World. Sonic had challenging levels, even more challenging bosses, and hunting levels with Rogue and Knuckles that really could drive someone to the edge– and it was soooo worth it! Choa World was arguably more addictive game in itself, and some may say more addictive than Pokemon. I’ve definitely invested more time in the Choa mini game than any other part. You’d hatch the Choa from egg and raise them based off of the food they eat and through interacting with each other! Sadly, although this game did well it wasn’t enough to keep the system afloat.

soinc choa

Epic Childhood was Epic

Sega Dreamcast aslo lead me into a long time love affair with one of the greatest games of all time, Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Let me take this moment to proclaim there is badass in gaming before Chun Li! You disagree? Come at me bro! I had dreams of possessing such god-like thighs. (Whenever I work out I tell myself it’s still possible…) MvC2 is one of the most classic fighting games of our time and to this day is an arcade staple (if you can find an arcade left standing that is). I don’t remember a game more fun– or a more exciting time than stumbling across a finisher so epic that your nearly go blind with glee! There superstar line-up and the ability to choose up to 3 fighters made dream combinations endless. Megaman, Spiderman, Ryu, Chun Li,  Wolverine, Morrigan?! You dreamt it and that’s why they called it a Dreamcast… (that was nice, admit it!)


They don’t make’em like they used to…

Capcom lost its rights to Marvel not long after the demise of the Dreamcast, if you were wondering why you haven’t seen much of this killer combination since. It improved upon itself from the first MvC by not changing the characters to the point you had to relearn them completely, but by adding super villains and heroes to the roster that you’d be fighting in boss levels! In improving the character selection and refining the ability for air combos MvC2 was a home run like we haven’t seen much of then or since.

Dreamcast brought a lot of revolutionary ideas to the table and we shouldn’t neglect to thank them. While most of you were too busy with your PS2 you missed out on the dawn of these creations– and for that I pity you. The PS2 was king for a reason, but it wasn’t that much better than its Sega competitor. If Nintendo wasn’t Nintendo I’d think you were all nuts for taking the ‘Purple Lunchbox’ over the Dreamcast as well! I mourn the passing of Sega consoles– because I sincerely find every time I go back in time to re-examine what happened, that they were just before their time.

5 thoughts on “The Sega Dreamcast

  1. I think its time for Sega to get a new console. Its just time. Their games lately have impressed me, and really they were the dawn of the CD generation of gaming, as well as the X-Box style controller setup. I believe in you Sega. Ok, it did take them years upon years to finally make a great Sonic game, but hey. Its here now.

    • Yeah I could see them making a comeback, but I’m not sure if it would be enough. The market for these new generation of consoles is pretty solid for all except the Xbox. They may also be in contract with some of these companies making is a little bit more complicated but I’m not sure about that. I don’t know it’s something I have to think about before I’ll just agree or disagree. Maybe I’ll write about it 😛

  2. You do realize that there was over a year difference between both consoles so there was plenty of time for people to experience the Dreamcast. It was a good system but it was the piracy that hurt them. Just commenting to point out you mistake other then that your points are valid they (Dreamcast) did have good features on the console that were ahead of its time.

    • I did mention the piracy though. I remember people didn’t want to experienc the dreamcast because they were gearing up for the playstation, i remeber fighting with classmates over ths fact too. And we cant forget how the failure and diffuculty presented with the saturn turned off a lot of developers too. Someone mentioned that to me yesterday and ‘ve been lookng into it. Nvertheless, it’s a damn shame…

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