Chinese Court: Lawsuit Over Fake Baby Belly

Being pregnant can be rough on a woman’s body, especially if you’re a working woman on top of making body parts for your unborn child. So, being empathetic and compassionate human beings it isn’t uncommon for a person to relinquish their seat on crowded public transportation trains and buses for these ladies with children. However, thanks to these bimbos in China that may be changing.


Guaranteed to Land YOU a SEAT or Your $$$ Back!

An unbelievably dense woman reported to be named Zang, is suing the company she purchased a $60.00 (about 300 yuan) fake baby belly from. Why? Well it fell off in the middle of her ruse and caused her emotional torment when the passengers mocked her stupid ass. She’s lucky no one beat her up if you ask  me, how dare you take advantage of good willed individuals who now will never get up without a seat without first a feelsie. Robbing seats from this point of women who are actually pregnant. However, I somehow don’t think such a compassionate thought would ever cross this moron’s mind.


Now everyone knows that Jenni is a fraud!

Her case was dismissed, which gives me a little hope in the Chinese legal system which I’d previously lost after seeing a man successfully sue his wife for being ugly ($120,000 dollars to be exact).  But it’s good to know that it isn’t a total free-or-all.


The wife had had plastic surgery and never told him… yeah.

Supposedly the legitimate reason faux bumps (I can’t believe that’s a thing) aren’t uncommon in China is due to the cases where adoptive mothers will wear one as to not let on that her future child isn’t actually hers… but from my American perspective that’s even more bizarre. Then again, I’m not going to attempt understanding the mindset of Chinese cultural norms where mothers who don’t bare their own young are frauds. That’s just wrong. I never thought anyone outside of a movie set and Halloween ever had use for such an invention. Shame on this woman, she deserves ridicule, and shame on China for making women feel like they have to fake an entire pregnancy as part of the adoption process.


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