Silent Hill and Children Movies


He can butcher me with his meat cleaver any day!

I’m a bit of a Konami fan, I’d been waiting for a while now to find the right post to use this picture… and I think I’ve found the breaking news! It was almost a year ago that I read a Destructiod blurb on Silent Hill being based off of Kindergarten Cop– a Schwarzenegger classic that no modern day American should live a life without seeing– but it never dawned on me that I should actually write about how this discovery changed my freaking life! I’m the person that horror movies are made for, because everything has legitimate potential to scare the shit out of me.

I mean it though. I’ve been known to stay in one spot during a video game because I know that a blind nurse is going to be around the corner if I move into that next room… and I just don’t want to hear the static! Resident Evil and Silent Hill have both made me cry… as an adult. When I first purchased Revelations I bawled for the entire first night to my boyfriend… The first level on Queen Zenobia scared me so much that I wanted to return the game to Best Buy. I couldn’t because I’d opened itWithin a few days I snapped out of my mortified state and it is currently my favorite 3DS game, but that’s not the point. I played the whole thing with no sound and no 3D as a compromise, and I wouldn’t do it again alone if you paid me. (Although it may make a good review to be taped while playing these games in dark rooms…you know what never mind!)

But, after seeing Kindergarten Cop so many times, and then replaying the original Silent Hill, I found serious humor. True, no game is as scary in 90’s graphics as it once was when we were kids (I had lucid dreams of pixelated zombies walking after me…) However, Silent Hill for me, still retained much of it’s glory because I’d avoided it out of fear of rehashing old scares. Not any more. I had to break out this bad boy after seeing the comparison photos! Life has been a little bit brighter since then. What makes the fact that Japan looked to a campy comedy to model their creepy town after so enlightening? Perhaps the realizations that:

  1. “Talent creates and genius steals.” -David Bowie (I always look for reasons to say Bowie is right.)
  2. There really is humor in [almost] every situation… even being stuck in a Hell Realm.
  3. Aziz Ansari’s doughnut shop porn joke will now never leave my head.

It’s still scary, horror survival is always scary. It’s never fun to be in a haunted playground of ghouls without any control of when or where they’ll appear. And well, no one wants to start out a monster game without a weapon…


Kindergarten Cop and Silent Hill


4 thoughts on “Silent Hill and Children Movies

      • The physique thing kinda makes sense, although how Solid Snake is different from any other average-height-with-muscular-build actor I’ll never know. But the Walken face has me baffled, not only as to why they would do so but also as to how anyone would’ve deciphered Christopher Walken from the low-res mess that was polygon-constructed faces in the late 90’ a mystery.

        But on the subject of Silent Hill: I’ve been trying for months to find out for months if the Pixies had any influence on the storyline of Silent Hill 2. There are at least five instances of lyrical excerpts from their first two LPs that describe (sometimes verbatim) events/themes in that game. The most telling of which is “Cactus” from Sufer Rosa, which contains the lines “I miss your kissing and I miss your head/and a letter in your writing doesn’t mean you’re not dead”.

        Of course, the Pixies were never all that popular in Japan, and I don’t even know if Hiroyuki Owaku (story writer/programmer) even speaks enough English to be influenced by an American band’s lyrics.

    • lol true but you have to admit that Walken is probably one of the most epic men in Hollywood at the moment. (More Cowbell is so much more popular than it should be– and even knowing that I use it quite a few times a year.)

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