How Occupy Ruined V for Vendetta

Initially Anonymous had the right idea cloaking themselves behind the Guy Fawkes mask. He’s a powerful portrait of an underdog. But as a symbol for the [pretty much dead] American-Political Revolution– it just isn’t right. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t presume that Occupy [or the Tea Party despite their lack of Fawkes] lacked passion or patriotism. I’m expressly of the opinion that before any group dons this particular mask they should appreciate and understand who Guy Fawkes actually was.


Protests set to resume [on both sides of partisanship] mid 2015

I take political revolution very seriously. I shouldn’t have to state that, but some people think it’s a joke. I’d give my life if I believed it could promise a better future for the rest of the world. Occupy had some great ideas! To give you an example, when we look at this planet from space we don’t see boarders. (At least I don’t)That was a message which resounded throughout the Occupy movement. It was indeed a movement I could get behind [and OH BOY I did]. A wide spread discussion about peace and making change happen through brotherhood was taking place! It was about refusing a system which cared nothing about our conditions as happy humans. Very hippy, and although I am not a hippy, I like anything that says we should be mirthful and treat living things with respect. But Fawkes, was a terrorist. His motives were very Robin Hood and he was the anti-hero a lot of us comic book nerds cherish. Nevertheless, he wasn’t a fucking hippy. Fawkes was a seasoned war veteran of the Spanish army. He was wrought into something devious during the 80 Years War. He planned on murdering King James (ring a bell Christians?) so that his daughter (a Catholic)  could succeed him! There was nothing neither bloodless or amicable in his persona. The personification of “V” in film and book alike understood that– Occupy Wall Street, not so much.

ImageGuy Fawkes was part of a Catholic regime. King James was threatening the acceptance and power of Catholicism. In the 1605 King James I ordered all Catholic Priests to leave England. So Fawkes and a band of fellow Catholic Crusaders gathered explosive barrels of gun powder and snuck them underneath a segment of Parliament where the King would be at midnight that evening [November the 5th].  Fawkes was the explosives expert, Fawkes was caught, Fawkes was tortured at the Tower of London- and ratted out other members of his conspiracy clan, Fawkes was hung… IN JANUARY. The 5th of November is actually a celebration of the Kings survival— as ordered by King James himself!

Remember Remember…


Guy Fawke’s Confession Signature

His idea– which could not be executed along with his body, sparked something artistic. But, if you hadn’t of read the comics or watched the movie would you still want to get behind that idea? Occupy and Anonymous were gathering behind the dramatized “V”, of course, but who is “V”?– V for Vendetta is my favorite movie.– I watched it maybe 600,000,000 times last year. My boyfriend is seriously so sick of that movie and whenever I put on a film when he’s not looking– it’s the one I pick. The Wachowski Siblings did a marvelous job– no matter what Alan Moore says. On the other hand, if they’d left the ideals of the characters more ambiguous as most of the gripes from purists groan, then it wouldn’t have been so easily placed in the narrative of civil unrest befitting 2012 America.


Original Creator

The comic did a great job of explaining the difference between anarchy  and chaos. In the video I linked [previous paragraph] Moore states, “It’s not the 99% that cause chaos, it is the 1% who are in charge… we need an administration, we don’t need people to boss us about,”– and those ideas are ideas we’re just not ready to accept as a nation. V for Vendetta, the comic, is very British. Guy Fawkes is a British symbol, and fascism was a real threat to many even still alive when it was published. Moore also brought you the humanity behind government party officials– showing you bad guys you actually care about– and showing you what power does to any man no matter his profession… be it television fame or dictatorship.


The Wachowski’s!

V for Vendetta  the movie, was powerful and definitely more Americanized. The motives of all involved were clearer. But that still didn’t change the fact that “V” [Hugo Weaving] basically gave Evey [Natalie Portman] Stockholm Syndrome so she would be a pawn in his plot, and in cold blood assassinated various people for the sake of [duh] vengeance… In the real world that’d be totally unforgivable under almost any circumstances [at least the giving a random girl Stockholm Syndrome part would be!]

So once again, I turn to Occupy Wall Street, and ask, what were you thinking? You aren’t badass anti-hero hackers looking to balance the world by fighting evil with evil. You were chillin’ in Bryant Park rolling cigarettes and waiting patiently and peacefully for the men in charge to hear you outand then they said ‘no’ and it was over! I want to concede that “an idea cannot die” was the core ideal– but I can’t! I’d also add that surely a more fitting model for the cause would have been… I don’t know, Gandhimaybe?


Portrait of Our Guy! 

I support Occupy- but if it wants to be “V” it’s missing something explosive, even if not literally. But I beg of you, don’t get the movement and the figure intertwined! Occupy’s publicity and the media [be it the news or comics] have turned Fawkes into a brand and not a symbol. Why else would I be enjoying my Pizza in Soho, ONE YEAR LATER, only to be asked by some strung out club kid ” Could you tell the owner I’m your friend; so I can use the bathroom without buying a slice?” And oh yeah, if I could just hold his mask for a moment– he added. So now, for me and for many, even the movie and books feel diluted because of those who cling to the mask without adhering to its historic precedent. The movement and the man simply have nothing to do with each other!


3 thoughts on “How Occupy Ruined V for Vendetta

  1. I haven’t checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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