Is Yoga Menacing Inside Your Child’s Christian Mind?

San Diego California is not particularly known for their religious nut-jobs, but every dog has it’s day or so they say.  Parents of a not yet named girl are pursuing a lawsuit against their daughter’s elementary school because of a free and optional yoga program. Their claim, that it is a seed of the DEVIL! Well, they didn’t actually say that but that’s exactly what they mean– fucking quacks!


OH, the indoctrination! 

The attorney representing them has somehow within one statement managed to dislodge himself and his clients from this realm of reality when he made the following statement, “[free yoga classes are] frankly the clearest case of the state trampling on the religious freedom rights of citizens that I have personally witnessed in my 18 years of practice as a constitutional attorney,”(Did you like how I italicized the craziest parts?) Was this intentionally wackadoodled for the press or did this attorney actually say something that stupid? One may never know, but the point I’m making is a simple and obvious one. Yoga as exercise has nothing to do with the religions which created it on a major level. It’s offered in many places of education (including my own college) free of charge as a very healthy and beginner friendly form of exercise and relaxation that evolves with the participant. It is also a very effective form of low strain exercise for physical therapy  On a personal level Yoga has helped me find relief from severe neck pain caused by a car accident and it’s helped me with my bad circulation– I’m no Buddhist but I’d say that’s pretty damn impressive!


That’s one way to be a bad parent…

These parents FAIL on two major levels, one, they are breeding severe ignorance about religious freedoms, and two they don’t understand the definition of OPTIONAL. Optional, the same defense their same team of lawyers use when demanding the allocation of prayer groups in public schools. Funny right? –No it’s really fucking sad. When our founding fathers called for a separation of church and state, they meant it. I can’t imagine anything is stopping a prayer group in schools. My schools also had those, prayer groups, although most of us preferred to pray and study our scriptures in our respective churches. We had a prayer room for students who wanted to pray (especially Muslim students who prayed multiple times during the day because it was mandatory for them) free from discrimination, and we also had free yoga classes. No one was forced, and nobody should ever be. That’s what freedom is about. We can’t just go and sue everybody whenever they come up with an idea that scares us like these greedy crazy parents are doing!  Exercise, despite it’s origins, isn’t about religion, just like Christmas from a commercial standpoint isn’t any longer about Christ.  Think about that.



2 thoughts on “Is Yoga Menacing Inside Your Child’s Christian Mind?

    • LOL yeah maybe, but then you’d have a whole different set of people gunning against you. Imagine people who actually do practice it as a form of religion? (Let’s pretend we have a significant enough amount of them in that school district.)

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