Who Else is Excited About the PSU?


I’d buy it. *Raises Eyebrow*

So… I have to admit that the Playstation 4 looks fantastic! Sony says, “[the] PlayStation 4 is centered on all of you –the gamers.” I ask, “What took you so long Sony, and why do I feel like you’ve told me this before?” I can remember vividly the 2005 unveiling of the PS3, and its promise to challenge the ‘status quo’. And although they’ve made some efforts I don’t grant their efforts valiant. So after the backhanded slap you gave us with the Vita, why should we trust you this time? (Is it because this time Kaz Hirai wasn’t the speaker?– sneaky Kaz!) Seriously, this seems like an expensive high-res Wii U… but I’m willing to look into it more.

I’m gonna quit trollin’ for a minute and say with sincerity that this looks like an amazing system. I just don’t want to pay $650.00 (and that’s being really fucking conservative) for it. Why did I jump so low with that number… I don’t know but it’s my instinct. I’ll bet you $600.00 that this system is going to cost no less than $599.98. (Anyone stupid enough to take me up on that bet?– because I could use the money to pay for one of my own  at launch if you are!) Maybe I’d be more accepting of this price if they’d added backwards compatibility. What do you think, fair?

Seriously though, Playstation tried to pull out all the stops with this system! They truly called out some of the greatest modern minds in gaming. Sony promises these goliaths pooled together to make this system ‘revolutionary’, I hope that they can pull it off.” Guerilla Games (Killzone: Shadow Fall), Sucker Punch (inFamous Second Son), Evolution Studios (Driveclub), and Japan Studio (Knack), as well as titles from our partners such as Activision/Bungie (Destiny), Blizzard Entertainment (Diablo III), Capcom (Deep Down), and Ubisoft (Watch_Dogs) “, all confirmed as per Playstaion.Blog as first party games for the system already! Is your mouth watering? Because my sure as hell is!


The time is upon us!

The talk of utilizing the independent gaming developers are what really excite me. I know that when you find a diamond in the rough so-to-speak it’s really something special. Sony seems to understand that as they have some offbeat games thats popularity may have surprised everybody. Look at Flower! It’s a great example of that quirky xy axis being the fulcrum in a game so popular some may call it viral. I know that for me it’s sort of a guilty pleasure how much fun it is. Simplicity sometimes really makes a game, and occasionally you just want to relax with something stimulating, challenging, and plain peaceful. That’s a big appeal to Tetris for me, for instance, its gotten me through some challenging work days. And perhaps I’m on a different planet, but when a company promises revolutionary I’m anticipating something at least as uncommon as Flower! Not that it’s going to be another Facebook machine linked up to my social life and ready to publish my every move and trophy to my wall. That’s kind of creepy Sony and I really hope it’s a completely optional feature! (Also, they cited on their blog that you will be able to play game demos of new titles on the PSN… how is that a new concept?)

Now that it’s out in the open, my desires are that after companies can move past trying to push the boundaries of technology and start focusing on challenging and enjoyable games. —Maybe even push back against the first person shooters just a little harder. — Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting zombies as much as the next girl, but I got tired of it-got back into it- and now I’m really getting tired of it again. Please, let’s not forget the need for a  system capable of running every game to its full capacity! We all know that the PS3 had stellar graphics but they kind of jammed a lot in there and made it difficult for players to enjoy games such as Skyrim to their full potential. Actually, there are claims that a few people couldn’t play it at all. Some say that the issues with that game in particular weren’t Sony’s fault, but then again there were claims that the red ring of death wasn’t running rampant back just a few years (2007-2009ish I’d guestimate from my own memory alone)… so you be the judge. My suggestion is to not buy games by  Bethesda on the PS3, but that’s just my well-meaning advice.


Speaking of advice…

I always try and save the best for last, and the best features I’ve seen so far for this console are tied. One is the elimination of loading saved files! (ANGELS ARE SINGING RIGHT NOW!) Granted it seems to me that it’s an actual mode (suspend mode)…  that’s still cool be able to leave in the middle of a save point and return the next day able to pick up right where you left off with the touch of the power button. I also love their approach to making the Vita a companion piece to the system and the ability to play certain games on both systems with only one purchase. This is reminicent of the Wii-U (console + handheld system), but still this is HUGE for my family. Just so you know! Because my boyfriend is a console gamer and I’m a handheld nut and the fight always rages on over who is going to get the game in the format they prefer. THIS feature may very well be the answer to making my house the perfect home because lets face it… Nintendo isn’t exactly the best system for the Mature market… yet!

It may very well also be just the thing those of us who take long commutes to work or school or wherever have been looking for when you have game at home that you just don’t want to put down! Since the tagline for the Vita blatantly told you it was console gaming on the go, this feature is so important for them to move consoles in both the major PS4 and Vita handheld markets complementarily.  With promises for a loaded library and E3 still on the horizon I’m so excited for the coming months– and especially the  holidays– to see how this really unfolds… And don’t forget we still haven’t seen the actual console! Maybe they’re saving that for Japan too, just like all their courtesy. (I had to do it… sorry)


8 thoughts on “Who Else is Excited About the PSU?

  1. Why the fuck should anyone have to buy both the vita and the ps4. its a wii u for all your money and the blood of your first born child.

    • You make a good point, but I don’t think you will HAVE to buy the PS Vita in order to get the full experience out of the main console… that remains to be seen about the Vita though. (and that breaks my heart)

  2. I’m excited! I can’t freaking wait. Like they said touchscreen in the controller like gawd. I’m willing to sell my kidney stones for a PS4. Sony aint playing I see. Rose you are a great writer. I am appalled that you are young, beautiful and an amazing writer. I think you made soo many great points and you’re funny! Ohmagash I want to meet you one day and we could game together and RAGE the fuck out!

  3. Maybe this is a dumb question because I’m not a heavy gamer but, if I don’t load save files, how do I back up to redo something I fuck up?

    • No, that’s not a bad question at all, but the answer depends on what game you’re playing. Some games have linear maps (Super Mario) where once you make it to a checkpoint you cannot return unless you replay the level. Some games have linear story lines where your actions have little to no effect on how the story plays out. These systems were more popular in older games however, now sandbox games which give you free reign to explore the world are supremely popular, and for good reason. These games often give you added hours of game play by offering alternative endings, or special quests for after the story line is finished. And because of trophies, it’s often encouraged to do a second play on an easier mode in order to get them all and increase your gamer score. I hope that helps! -Peace

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    • Thanks for checking me out! I put a lot of my heart into this blog because I’m very passionate about the content. I hope you return and you continue to enjoy my posts! 🙂

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