SOPA Didn’t Pass– SO WHAT? Say the USA!


I think we who frequent the internet can recall the controversial SOPA Act that didn’t pass back in 2012. I for one was relieved knowing that Google hasn’t yet quite ruled the world. We sacrifice a lot willingly on the internet, just take Facebook for example. But what I read today baffled me. Major internet companies are implementing ‘policy’ of a 6 strike system to internet pirates! They threaten to slow down your internet for a period of time, and even force you to pay a $35.00 fee after the 6th strike! FUCK OFF! I’m not going to even touch how this could effect places that offer free WiFi such as college campuses, because as my readers I anticipate you can do that math yourself.

AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Cable Vision all claim it is to discourage ‘casual piracy‘ but let’s be frank– these companies are tired of losing business (i.e. people like me who only pay for internet instead of overpriced commercials) because we’re too savvy. I have Internet, basic television, I have AdBlock Plus, I have Netflix… and when all of those don’t have what I want I have “piracy”. Because I’m not going to pay $250.00 a month for the fluke chance that there is something not legally available and commercial free for me on the internet within a timely manner. Even UFC is available through Xbox Live! I mean seriously, I pirate maybe 5 times a year at best.

ImageThey’ll find a way around this. These crusaders for the rest of us.

You may be saying, you only pirate 5 times a year, how come you’re so pissed off? I’m rip-roaring mad because this is just another example of our American Justice System of Checks and Balances FAILING due to monopolizing companies bought out by “special interest groups”! I pay for my music, I pay for my movies, but sometimes I care about a History Channel special that isn’t available without a hefty instillation and monthly fee. Yeah, you can argue that if I don’t want to pay the cost then I should just do without. Well, I do want to pay the cost, it’s just too damn high! Maybe these cable stations should take the hint that times are achangin’ and evolve just like newspapers have!

I’ll forego these major companies and move to third party third rate services if this actually effects people I know, or myself. Perhaps since the Justice System has undoubtedly failed, the free market will prevail. Internet piracy isn’t just about free movies and music. I don’t think 2 Chains is hurting. Don’t forget that ‘pirating’ also makes available knowledge and educating materials to countries and impoverished people who don’t have the same opportunities we have in the USA. And without the crusaders here providing them with the resources we take for granted and most of us don’t even use, these learning thirsty people in the third world would never have a chance to know. Knowing is powerful, and it shouldn’t ever have a price tag. Sometimes things aren’t so black and white, I know I’d steal from a rich man to feed a poor child if I couldn’t afford it. I feel even more strongly about feeding their minds. 

5 thoughts on “SOPA Didn’t Pass– SO WHAT? Say the USA!

  1. Sounds like an excuse for more corporate welfare to me! These ISP need to cut there losses the digital market isn’t as lucrative as what they’re used to. If they want to take their money and shut the gates there wll be someone there to take their place and do it right!

  2. sign this petition to fight back against congress bringing back CISPA,–” It’s been confirmed. Congress will bring back a bill that would tread on our most basic rights to privacy. They need to hear from us soon before CISPA goes any further.”

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