Yo PS4, I’m really happy for you , I’m going to let you finish but before I do…the PS VITA?!

A not-so-surprising announcement was made yesterday about the PS4 release. We all know that E3 is the coming months and I don’t think there was a doubt that Sony would allow Nintendo to show them up for another year after the WiiU dropped. There was, however adversely, a surprising announcement for today! The declaration that Japan will be seeing a price drop in the Vita, but we here in the states will NOT. Or so says Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida.

ImageWhy you gotta break my heart Shuhei Yoshida?

Hopefully this pissing me off doesn’t surprise you. I’ve posted about this before. I was in high spirits that phase two of the Vita was due, and in turn (assuming there were no truly significant improvements) that the Vita’s price tag would better reflect its worth. I’m not saying that Sony produces complete shit. I like Sony a lot I just can’t stress enough that I have no faith in them anymore. I also can’t stress enough, I really believe they have little to no regard for their American patrons.

It seems as though the Vita will pick up in Japan and continue to fail in the west. I’m a HUGE handheld gamer, but this shit’s got to end with Sony. I stated before how I waited for the 3rd gen PSP, because Sony always needs a practice run… or two. They’ve got to be kidding me if they think I (and I’m sure many of you) can’t wait it out for a more worthy priced first generation Vita. I was hoping they’d make some improvements too it and launch a second gen version at the least for E3. But the prospects look dim after that announcement. I feel like the Western Market is the redheaded stepchild when it comes to customer appreciation and Sony products.

ImageWake-up and smell the rip-off!

Despite my silence so far, I’m actually a big Nintendo “fangirl”. And when stood side-by-side, as far as treating your customers better goes, Nintendo WRECKS both Sony and Microsoft. When the 3DS failed, Nintendo not only fixed the price, but allowed 200 credited downloads to the people who bought the 3DS when it was super expensive! When the Vita fails, Sony turns up its nose and dies a dignified death. There was once a time when I would have defended any Playstation product with my life, and I just can’t anymore. They aren’t innovative anymore, and they aren’t showing any sort of leniency when it comes to a starving market. I’ll still buy their products… but probably not till they’re trying to rip the rest of you off with another generation of hyper-inflated merchandise.

Before you attack me that the Vita is much more expensive in Japan than it is here (using current exchange rate values) know that I know that. I’m not a fucking moron, now let me clarify why that’s irrelevant to me. I ask you when was the last time Sony offered America truly exclusive content? In other words when was the last time Sony created games exclusively for the West? There are so many titles that never see the light of day here in the US! And because systems are designed so they cannot play out-of-region software I have a right to pay less money for the version with the least amount of content. I’m not being offered the advanced package so therefore I will not pay the same price as those who are. If I cared to, I’d buy a system from Asia at that price, and therefore eliminate that problem. With the age of the internet upon us it’s more than possible. But I want a regular American system, at an acceptable price!

I’ll make a post about the PS4 soon, after I’ve cooled off. I’m legitimately raging right now at the blatant idiocy of a company I once adored.

3 thoughts on “Yo PS4, I’m really happy for you , I’m going to let you finish but before I do…the PS VITA?!

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