A Commercial from my Childhood

I wanted to take a moment here and bring you back in time to when I was young enough to like cartoons and not be judged for it. I was alarmed by how boring the cartoons had become on basic cable during Saturday morning. That got me to wonder if the cartoons from my generation were any better. For roughly 3 years now my family and I have been disconnected from television and the world of marketing so I wouldn’t have put it past myself to be a bit jaded. I am partial to believing that when I was a kid, stations were more creative when it came to (at the very least) marketing their own programs… They were, just take a look at this ‘Jiggly Batman’ number if you don’t believe me.

The nostalgia from this single video was great for me. Jiggly’s lullaby was in many ways my lullaby. Till this day, despite her shitty stats she’s one of my favorite Pocket Monsters! I’ve actually raised her to level 100 on my DS game. And yes her, I care not for Wigglytuff. Batman was the hero I was brought up to love, not simply because it’s the in thing to do here in 2013. My father bought me all of the BtAS vhs tapes when I was a child, showered me in comic books, and this commercial brought me right back to those days on my living room couch waiting for the pancakes to be ready… (sigh)

I hope it’s natural to be as attached to childhood as I am. (Yikes right?!) The internet being at my fingertips makes it so hard to let the past go!



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