Xbox Handhelds… I’m not giving up!


Yeah, I wasn’t finished.

Yesterday I posted about a deep desire for Xbox to launch a handheld. To let you know, I still feel that way… and that’s probably never going to change.  I posted, I ranted, I raved, I rambled. And I’m here again to talk about it more. Here to indulge in a ‘how come’  of this one sided blogathon between me, myself, and I. Shall we start with the basics? This economy is tough, especially on young people who either have a load of debt on their shoulders, and or little to no professional experience in well paying and welcome jobs. However, the numbers show that significant Xbox units have been sold since it’s launch. And for good reason, I know that just from a financial standpoint alone, I’ve saved lots of money. There were so many weekends when my boyfriend and I could have been out buying drinks and dancing, but  instead changed plans and cozied up under our comforter for a night of take-out and Master Chief. Knowing that, knowing that I’ve willingly given up nights on the town in NYC, I want to know what’s the deal with Japan and how come they don’t love Halo and Gears of War as much as we do here in the states?

A huge reason, besides the fact that Sony never learns it’s lessons, is pretty black and white. Not only are few people dishing out large sums of money on unnecessary things, but Japan just doesn’t like the Xbox 360 in general. In Japan it took roughly more than 5 years to move only 1.5 million units! The Middle East purchased more Xbox 360 units in that same time frame. And the U.S. in that amount of time sold more than 25 million! That’s as of 2011, it’s been 2 years and the prospects have not improved.

We also know that not many Japanese developers work with Microsoft to create unique to console games… but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the staples of Xbox are solid and I’d say revolutionary. Have you played Halo? Have you not had the exhilaration of beating a some scrubby alien with the butt of your gun? Have you yet to duel wield a Needler? Did you ever attempt a day in the life of Marcus Fenix, trying to saw a Boomer in half with your Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle because you just couldn’t find anymore bullets for your shotgun? If you’re Japanese and you have not just now been able to answer yes to each one of these questions…then I ask you why the fuck not”? Seriously, step away from the Tekken and get your head in the game here, because you’re missing out on something surreal.


It’s the most beautiful gory ever told…

I’m actually pissed off about this, but then again there isn’t much I can do about it except blog about my sadness. The sadness that I may be seeing the last days of Microsoft gaming development… maybe I’m still just traumatized by the epic failure of the Zune that I loved maybe even more. I’ll write a tragic post about that too, some day, one day, in the future. The way I see it, we still have 2014, we still have a new console coming out in March at E3… I still have hope, or at the very least not enough dignity to forego begging.


4 thoughts on “Xbox Handhelds… I’m not giving up!

  1. I actually wanted to discuss this post, “Xbox Handhelds Im
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    • Thank you so much! I’m very passionate about this idea and I have faith that in America it would do well. Thanks for sharing your support is sincerely appreciated! If you have anything to add, please do, I’m always interested in perfecting my ideas!

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