PS Vita and Why I Just Can’t Love Her Yet…


She’s such a tease!

Since I feel  like being on a video game ramble and roll, I’ll continue today somewhat where I left off yesterday. Maybe it’s the girly girl in me or perhaps it’s my disdain for the boring… but I adore colored consoles. I find skins lame and I don’t understand why there aren’t more options for a PSP or a Vita like there are for Nintendo… or like their own assorted color controllers for that matter! I’m not 5 years old, but I was almost ready to sell my soul and my red 3DS the second the Midnight purple model dropped (Droooools). I almost repeated my color lust for the icy sleek white PS Vita & Assassins Creed Liberation bundle in December.

I didn’t, hence the almost, but I’m scared I may end up regretting it now because they’ve taken the gorgeous white model out of production. Ultimately knowing that E3 is around the corner and with it, most likely, a newer Vita. I’m anticipating, naturally a slimmer Vita, with less kinks and more reliable WiFi. But will it be available in white?! And that brings me to another vital feature that’s much more pressing than color. The WiFi’s reliability is essential because, let’s face it…wouldn’t it really piss you the fuck off if while downloading Ripto’s Revenge anticipating extreme nostalgia only to be met with a flunky connection and a download failure?

I waited years to purchase a PSP only because I knew (rightfully proven) that it wasn’t going to be perfect until at least the 3rd try. The first model had the world’s shittiest batteries and it felt really clunky to hold. Not to mention how heavy and awkward it was to hold, but undoubtedly a step in the right direction. By the time the 1,000 rolled into a store near me I’d almost lost hope completely because it still wasn’t right. Then finally, the charm, the mythical 3,000! The PSP 3,000 continues to blow my mind on a regular basis. I was just playing Tomb Raider the 10th Anniversary edition not even 45 minutes ago and legitimately re-falling in love! I didn’t feel that way when I test drove it on the original PSP. Actually, those controls caused me almost as much torment as the original. (Speaking of which,  am I the only one who felt that original Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft was… ungainly? )

Consider why I’m hesitant to take this plunge and tell me if I’m over thinking it or just plain wrong. I buy games for Sony systems for two reasons other than unrequited love:

1. I anticipate beautiful scenery, sound, and graphics.

2. I anticipate smooth game play.

Based on critical reviews of lagging during multiple enemies in Liberation, and issues with the screen not being up to par, we can safely say  it’s fallen a little short.. just like the original PSP. I have faith that Sony will fix this in the next Vita, and perfect it by the 3rd, much like the PSP.  The Vita is an expensive system that needs a lot of improvement, so warrant a cost of nearly $300.00? When rumors began to circulate that like Nintendo, Sony would be dropping the price, Sony denied a price drop claiming (roughly) ‘ patrons prefer quality to affordable pricing‘, similar to the response to a floundering PS3 in 2007. Unfortunately, Sony can count on me holding out. Perhaps just for hoping that something flashy to push me over the edge like a solo sold Vita in white.

I loved Playstation, it was my first system as a child and I really want to remain a loyal patron.  I have no faith in them making my experience fluid and reliable be it their crappy wireless controllers, their unfaithful customer service when their 3DTV’s fail, or the fact that they consistently need a few practice runs to perfect their expensive handhelds. I don’t know why they insist on being this way, Sony makes it so hard to love them anymore!


5 thoughts on “PS Vita and Why I Just Can’t Love Her Yet…

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