Xbox E3 2014 Press Conference Break-Down

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Source: DualShockers

Source: DualShockers

“You are shaping the future of Xbox, and we are better for it.” -Phil Spencer

A recap from last year’s E3 recalls how Microsoft got off to a humbling start. When they announced their plans for the next generation of consoles, the Xbox One, they showcased a largely cloud based machine, which required daily online connections and a Kinect. Their focus targeted other media facets, like television, sports programs, and movies. Gamers were left enraged, and as the months rolled on Microsoft changed the face of the Xbox One, for better or for worse.

This year, however, seems filled with promise. With a successful launch behind Microsoft, Phil Spencer opened up the media briefing, hosted earlier this morning, June 9, 2014, at E3 in Los Angeles. Games are the fastest growing part of entertainment in the world, according to Mr. Spencer, as he opened up the floor for…

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New 52 FOREVER EVIL: Evil REALLY is Relative

Source: DC New 52

Forever Evil is DC’s is major 2013 event. It concluded, after much delay, in May 2014 and offered important changes to the current state of the DC Universe. The main storyline follows Lex Luthor, from the nearest moment right before Earth … Continue reading

Recordsetter’s Defender Charity

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Courtesy: Recordsetter  Left to Right: Blair and Jones

Courtesy: Recordsetter
Left to Right: Cain and Jones

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, we here at Another Castle like to put the spotlight on some of the good deeds the nerd community takes part in. This past November, in the name of the Mission Soup Kitchen in Killeen, Texas an avid arcade gamer and reigning scoreboard champion by the name of Billy Joe Cain streamed his 80-hour marathon of Defender, beating his own Arcade World Record. Via GoFundMe, Billy Joe and Josh Jones of Recordsetter were able to make a big difference in their community through a mutual love of gaming.

“We began Saturday morning at 8:30am, and we concluded Sunday afternoon/evening,” Josh Jones explained to Another Castle. “Billy Joe Cain is a veteran of the Video Game Industry. He is also the 1982 Texas Video Game Champion. Defender, being one of the hardest games ever…

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RE5 Secures Resident Evil as Capcom’s Flagship Franchise

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Apparently, despite how many times gamers have openly bashed Resident Evil 5 for it’s many flaws, the title is Capcom’s largest success to date dealing with the franchise, and the rest of Capcom’s impressive library.

It was announced that Resident Evil 5 has officially surpassed the record sales numbers of 1992’s allusive Street Fighter II, since the title dropped way back in 2009. RE5 has reportedly sold over 6.3 million units as late September 2013. The list also showed the better critically received RE6 has sold 5.3 million copies, and RE2 which holds tight at fourth place with nearly 5 million to date.

All together, every Resident Evil title has sold more than 60 million units, followed by Monster Hunter at 27 million combined. This should unsurprisingly nail-down the Resident Evil franchise as the champion brand for Capcom, having  helped define the company’s success since it’s debut in the…

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